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How Archival Storage Can Help Your Business

As businesses look to streamline and improve their practices, attention is soon turned to how they are storing their documentation. For those who have been trading for a long period, or those who accumulate much information in their practices, storage space can become...

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Finding the right Document Management System (DMS)

Finding the right Document Management System (DMS) for an organisation can take some careful thought and consideration. Switching from paper records to storing data in a new manner can seem daunting, yet the process can be simple and easy, with two different options...

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3 Predictions for How Offices Will Change by 2023

The working world is constantly changing, and a lot can happen in 5 years. Rising trends influence everything about the way we work, from the things we do, to the processes we use and the spaces we work in. Here are our top 3 predictions for how offices will change by...

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Boxes in Templates

With organisations trying to move away from paper the resulting electronic structures and naming conventions then used often reflect the individual elements of a file (Correspondence, Cheque, Research.... etc). Within "Template Maintenance" boxes can be created within...

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