Save money, time and frustration with powerful features and genuine ease of use

Easily replace your paper based systems with Papercloud
Papercloud is easy to use with powerful search features and templates that mimic the systems you use already.
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Adding documents is as easy as ABC
Day-to-day use, scanning, printing and version control within Microsoft Office products, couldn’t be simpler with Papercloud.
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Working with files and images
Simply drag and drop images, restricting or granting access to files as you need.
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The affordable document management system that works the way your people do

Whatever your business, Papercloud allows you to preserve the look and flexibility of working with paper documents, as well as also incorporating your existing Microsoft Windows and email structures – all stored within one centralised and secure digital environment.

Replicate existing filing structures and make changes with ease, and access documents anytime, anywhere, via the web and on any device, safe from computer viruses, ransomware, spyware and other malicious programs.

And what’s more, Papercloud is available from as little as £25 per month/user and a one-off set up cost, with a rolling monthly contract, plus unlimited usage and downloads, and free online training.

Papercloud – the intuitive, cloud-based document management system

Simple to use | easy to access | safe & secure

Papercloud, our cloud-based digital document management system, requires no maintenance by you, is accessed via the web and is automatically updated.

And what’s more, unlike anything else on the market, it enables you to retain the look and flexibility of working with paper, as well as incorporating existing Microsoft Windows and email structures – whatever business you operate in. 

Enjoy ‘Drag and Drop’ simplicity, with your favourite applications and full Outlook integration.

Find files in seconds – improving both service and speed.

How much are paper records actually costing your business?

Use our FREE download to calculate the true cost of paper to your business. It’s not just the physical space that files, folders and cabinets take up …

Hidden expenses can include:

  • Paper filing and storage
  • Printer, paper and ink
  • Storage costs and additional office space
  • Copying, in-person sharing and mailing
  • Security and shredding services for sensitive documents
  • Printer and copier maintenance and repairs.

The costs don’t end there. The cost of inefficiency spending hours searching for important documents, and the impact on customer service can be huge.

Download our FREE 5-minute audit right now and see if moving towards a paperless office is right for your business.

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Prefer a document management system on your own server?

Installed and hosted within your own environment, our office-based solution, Volume allows you complete control over all aspects of data storage and use.

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