The Sustainable Benefits of Paperless Document Storage

In today’s tech-heavy world, many businesses are relying on modern solutions and advancements in technology to streamline their business operations. One such solution that many companies are now utilising is cloud document management.

Using a paperless system like this offers a host of benefits over the use of traditional paper documents and the associated storage for these, with some of these benefits offering a sustainable focus in particular. Read on to learn more about what makes a paperless system eco-friendly by nature.

Reduced Energy Consumption

One action that all businesses are being required to do nowadays is reduce their carbon footprint. One way to do such a thing is to not only reduce energy consumption at your own commercial premises, but to reduce your involvement in energy consuming processes on a larger scale.

Going paperless is just one way to do that. The production, transportation and disposal of paper are all processes that involve substantial energy consumption and produce greenhouse gases that contribute to the climate crisis.

By using a cloud document management system to store your business’s important documents, you are reducing your involvement in these harmful processes, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Forest Conservation

Another impact the production of paper has on the environment is the contribution towards deforestation. Whilst paper is technically considered a renewable material, the rate at which existing trees are cut down significantly outweighs the speed with which newly planted trees grow, leading to a significant imbalance.

Deforestation can then lead to a loss of habitat for many species and result in a significant reduction of biodiversity. By adopting a paperless approach in your business, you will be reducing the demand for more paper to be produced, subsequently helping to conserve trees, protect ecosystems and mitigate the carbon emissions associated with such processes.

Reduce Your Impact

So, are you ready to reduce your carbon footprint and embrace a paperless document storage system? Papercloud is the answer to your needs.

With security and simplicity at its core, Papercloud is a cloud-based document management software (DMS) that retains the look and flexibility of working with paper, whilst incorporating existing Microsoft Windows and email structures - allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your business solutions.

Get in touch today to enquire about Papercloud.

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