Volume Password Expiry

KB076 – Set the Volume user password to expire after a set number of days

The Volume user password can be configured to expire after a set number of days. This is an optional setting which is switched off by default. Once enabled, this feature is applicable to all non-superuser Volume accounts. Superusers accounts are not affected by this option and will therefore not expire.

The password expiry feature is available from version of Volume.


Select User Maintenance from the Users menu. User Maintenance will only be present if the current user is either a superuser or has permission to access User Maintenance.


Select the Global Config tab.


Tick the Enable Password Expiry option and specify the number of days that the password will expire after.

Select Save to confirm the changes.


When the password expires, the users will be asked to change their password.  They will be prompted to do this when logging into Volume.  The users will need to enter a new password and then confirm it by retyping it.


A warning will be displayed if the user tries to reuse their existing password.

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