EPRBradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust are this week, introducing EPR (Electronic Patient Records).

What is an Electronic Patient Record (EPR)?

EPR is a high-tech electronic patient record system which will revolutionise and advance the way patient care is delivered across the Trust.

The platform will not only help to treat patients more effectively by giving NHS staff easier access to current information, but it will also use this information to improve care, and give NHS staff the tools required to be safer and more efficient.

EPR isn’t simply a computer system that takes paper-based health records and stores them digitally – it brings about a step-change in how healthcare staff work.

Computers are used to store all kinds of information about us, from our bank details to our online shopping and now the NHS is joining the information revolution; harnessing its power to help deliver safer, more efficient services.

EPR goes beyond being an information storage platform. When patient records are stored on paper, the information can only be understood by NHS staff reading through it all every time they see a patient. EPR takes this information and applies the knowledge, intelligence and experience of a much wider network. The platform, therefore, is capable of suggesting plans of care, supporting clinical decision-making and acting as a ‘double-check’.

For more information about EPR, visit the Electronic Patient Records website >> http://epr.this.nhs.uk/home/

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