Version 5.6.3 doesn’t include any new features

  • All updates to this release are enhancements to existing features, allowing for optimal performance and ensuring Volume is a must-have system. 
  • See opposite to read more about the enhancements made to this release.


System setup

  • Ability to change the quality settings when items are brought in from hot folders.
  • Ability to force a hot folder to process a PDF file into Volume and retain colour images.
  • Capability to add multiple hot folders.
  • Overhaul undertaken of the system setup, new screen and layout.

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OI warnings

  • New warning that advises the user that an item is being altered via Office Integration if they attempt to close Volume whilst the document is open.

Row order button

  • New button addition, allowing the capability to quickly change the order of boxes within a row.

User Maintenance

  • Enhancements made to the user maintenance screen, making it more user friendly.
  • Shows a user exactly what cabinets a specific user will have access to.

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