Positioning templates in a file

  • Options to apply templates to the front or back of a client file and on creation of a client.
  • Template overhaul undertaken to better facilitate any future updates to templates, which has allowed for new import and export options.

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Preview pane

  • Hover to preview non-image documents without the need to open them.

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Row locking

Row locking is a file row locking mechanism. This can either be applied on a template or at client file row level. Restrict what a user can do with the applied structure to prevent misfiling of documents.

  • Template changes
  • Lock/Unlock Rows – allowing a user to lock and unlock rows at a row level
  • Modify Locked Rows – A user with this permission is allowed to bypass locked rows, but not lock or unlock them. The user will be warned before doing this, that the row is locked and if they wish to proceed.

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Moving tabs between files

  • Move a client file tab inclusive of all rows and boxes to another client file.

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Colour tab markers

Add colour to the tab structure within Volume.Add colour to the tab structure within Volume.

  • Simply double click on a tab title to view the properties, then select the colour for the tab from the drop down list

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Copy to Clipboard

  • Documents can be copied out of Volume into the Windows clipboard.
  • Documents are then available to be pasted into external applications such as Outlook and can also be pasted onto the Windows desktop or within Windows folders.

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Password expiry

  • User passwords can be set to expire after a set number of days.

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Auto scroll mouse wheel

Enhanced ease of use when moving between rows.

  • Ability to use the mouse wheel to move up and down a client file.
  • Auto scrolling on drag & drop interactions.


  • Log an audit entry when a client moves between cabinets.


  • The option to open “What’s New” now appears on the last screen of the installer package.

Client search options

  • D.O.B has been added to the detailed search for both “His” and “Hers”.

Export data redesign

  • Wizard and output changes.

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