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The evolution of document management

There are lots of reasons why a business looks to replace their existing document management system. Currently, you might be using a paper-based filing system making use of cabinets and off-site storage or an electronic-based system using Windows folders, or even a purpose-built software package used for the search and retrieval of scanned images, PDFs, email, Word documents, etc.

Replacing these systems can be a daunting task. An alternative may have already been tried, but for various reasons it failed to deliver what was expected; wasting time and money and making a further replacement a reluctant uphill struggle within the business.

Why choose Volume?

Designed to improve productivity and reduce cost in business, our simple and intuitive document management system, Volume, offers a different approach to the usual, and more traditional, software functionality. A simpler view is presented, making training intuitive, and user acceptance an easier process, overcoming the main hurdles of implementation.

The application and adoption of our document storage software is an uncomplicated process. Typical administration training usually takes around an hour. Users are trained in less time. Full system rollout to the business and its operations is up and running in a matter of days, not the usual weeks and months which people have grown accustomed to.

Frequently asked questions

What are the costs involved?


There are two costs involved. An initial capital cost to install, train and set-up the system and a monthly user license fee, based on concurrent connections to the database.

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Can I view my files away from the office when I go and see clients?


Yes. This can be done either via a USB (memory stick); where you can make a read-only copy of selected client files to take away with you, or via the web portal; which provides real-time, live access to data (an internet connection is required).

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I have a large amount of historic files to scan in. Do you offer a service for this?


Yes – we have scanning bureaus to cope with any size of archive scanning requirements.

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How much data can your system store?


As our product name suggests (Volume), there is no limit to the amount of data the system can hold. One terabyte (TB) of scanned data is equal to approximately 1,500 four-drawer filing cabinets. The data access speed for this database is still very quick.

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Can we get our data out if we decide to change our software?


There are two options available, both of which are free of charge:
The first option is to use the database ‘Dump’ option found in the system setup. This will produce a series of folders, one for each file/client containing all their documents in whatever format they were originally stored in, such as TIFF, JPEG, Word, Excel, PDF, Emails, etc.

The second option is a royalty free license to use the software in a single user read-only mode.

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I work in the financial services sector. Is your software FCA compliant?


Yes – all actions taken in the software are audited and tracked by the user’s login details and all data is stored inside the database, not held in Windows files. For data hosted outside the office, we conform to the internationally recognised standard for information security management; ISO27001.

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Don’t just take our word for it
– take it from our clients!

Take a look at our case study videos and downloads to see how Volume has helped to transform our clients’ businesses, reduce their costs and increase efficiency.

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Ease of use is vital in collaborative document management. The logical and unique way documents are held in Volume, both locally or in the cloud, are what makes the application and adoption process straightforward. There is no need to create multiple indexes which can be prone to error. Indexes can include the document’s title, description, category and any additional information. Entering or selecting incorrect indexes means the document can prove difficult to locate in the future.

Volume resolves this problem by treating electronic documents just like paper. Files are held in a predefined structure. The structure is laid out in a standard and familiar way, bespoke to your business, where file elements are separated into tabs and rows. Compare a tab to a file separator in a paper file, each one containing plastic wallets or dividers. Paper is grouped and separated again in the same way a paperclip holds paper together. All held in chronological/alphabetical order and accompanied by a system-wide word search, enabling the fast and efficient finding of a document.

How Volume can transform your business

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Data access solutions

Hold your data locally or in the cloud, accessed via PCs, tablets or web browsers. Data can be accessed anywhere via the portal, which can be corporate branded and embedded in your website, giving instant access to live, interactive data across the Internet.

What does this mean?
Ultimately, it means that there is no requirement to download PDF documents.  The portal provides instant, real time, live and secure access to client files and documents.

Turn your mobile phone into your personal office with fast, secure access to your files.

Not all businesses are alike, that’s why we have data access solutions that are tailored to suit businesses with different requirements.

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Security and cloud technology

We know how important secure document storage is and safety and software excellence is paramount at Watermark. The accreditation of ISO 27001 assures confidence in our products and market-leading SaaS technologies.

Data held in the cloud is without loss of desktop functionality and without the need for additional supporting software such as Citrix®, terminal services or VPN, but still remains fully compatible with any of these technologies. This makes the implementation cost effective across any existing platform.

Cloud storage is replicated across numerous servers in geographically independent locations every 15 minutes, underpinned by Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Fast, effective data access is achieved using highly-optimised internet data trafficking, utilising large data caches which can also be held locally in numerous sites making document retrieval instantaneous.

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