ISC Errors – Common Database Errors

KB059 – Common errors reported when using the Firebird database

Below are a list of common Firebird database errors which may be reported when logging into Volume.  If an error is reported, please follow the guidelines below in order to rectify the issue.

Unable to find the database. Your network may be experiencing problems. Check with your system’s administrator

This is a generic message reported when the Volume client is starting up.  It is indicating that Volume failed to communicate with the Firebird database.  Clicking ‘OK’ will usually return one of the detailed error messages below.

ISC Error Code:335544344 – I/O error during “CreateFile (open)” operation for “WHATNOPAPER”

The volume client has connected to the Firebird database, requesting a connection to the “WHATNOPAPER” database.  The database server does not know how to find the WHATNOPAPER database.

The Firebird aliases.conf file may be missing or invalid. The file should contain a line similar to WHATNOPAPER = D:\volumeFinance_Database\WHATNOPAPER.FDB.  Check that the name and path of the database is specified correctly in the aliases.conf file.

ISC Error Code:335544344 – I/O error during “CreateFile (open)” operation for “…”

The delta file is missing on the database server.

This may occur after moving or restoring a database.  Check to make sure the delta file has been moved to the correct location on the database server.  If you are sure that the database is not missing a valid delta file, use the “Activate” button in volumeAdmin to mark the database as ready.

ISC Error Code:335544721 – Unable to complete network request to host “xxxxx”

Volume is unable to connect to the database server.

The Firebird Server service on the database server may not be running, the network may be down or the server has a firewall blocking the connection. The clients must be able to contact the server on TCP port 3050 to establish a database connection.

Please wait, trying to connect to the database…

The Firebird database is unable to locate the FDB database specified in the aliases.conf file or does not have permission to read the folder containing the FDB database file.

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