Importing files from KGS

KB027 – Import files into Volume using scanning bureau KGS

KGS are a Volume recommended scanning bureau. Their scanning process produces import files that are compatible with Volume and can be imported directly into previously identified client files held inside Volume. This process is fully automated.

Before the scanning process can start, a full client list must be supplied to KGS. This is produced using the Mail List option within Volume.  See Knowledge base document for more information on how to do this.

New files can also be imported that do not already exist in Volume.

Once KGS have completed the scanning they will supply an import file.

Please Note: It is recommended that a backup of the database is taken before importing.


To begin the import process, select ‘File’ and then ‘Import Data’.


Point the path to the FDB file supplied by KGS and click ‘Import’.


When the import is complete, updated and new files will appear in bold for 24 hours in the Volume search list.

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