Images Are Being Cropped

KB025 – When using the scanner the images are being cropped

This issue can occur with scanners that are TWAIN compatible as opposed to being TWAIN compliant. TWAIN compatible scanners can ignore some of the commands that Volume sends to it resulting in cropped images.  To resolve this issue the scanner can be set to use its manufacture’s driver software in Volume.

To control the scanner using its driver software (TWAIN Interface), set Volume to open the scanner’s interface prior to each scan.


Click ‘Scan and Add documents’ from the left hand side menu bar.


Click ‘Scanner Setup’


Set the Scanner’s Interface to ‘Show using its ADF’.

Each time the ‘Scan’ button is now pressed in Volume, the scanner’s TWAIN interface is shown. This will correctly control the scanner using the scanner’s manufacture software preventing cropping.

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