As businesses look to streamline and improve their practices, attention is soon turned to how they are storing their documentation. For those who have been trading for a long period, or those who accumulate much information in their practices, storage space can become something that may hinder future development and expansion, as well as costing money. A solution can come in the form of the archival storage offered by Watermark’s Papercloud.

Freeing up space

As office space is expensive, dedicating significant portions of it to storage can cause a problem. Having separate areas specifically for retaining information can be a big concern; many businesses find they need to rent space off-site, simply to store what they need. Using Papercloud this is rendered entirely unnecessary; everything can be uploaded, files scanned in, and information stored via the cloud, freeing up valuable space for other activities.

Easy retrieval

Locating and extracting information when required can be a time consuming and sometimes difficult task, requiring staff to expend much effort looking for items. If documentation is stored away from their main working environment these issues are compounded. Using archival storage documents can be easily retrieved and used with minimum effort and time. Thorough searches for information can be undertaken, ensuring that no important information is missed and that everything is at the fingertips of those that need it.


As security is a vital part of most documentation, secure document storage with Papercloud can ensure that things are kept as safe as possible. Risks such as damage from fire, flooding or any other unpredictable event are removed, as is the threat that comes from things being accidentally lost or misplaced after use.

As well as these are of course the security risks that might be more deliberate or malicious; employees having access to things they shouldn’t and even the possibility of theft. Archival storage can ensure that only those specifically given access will be able to see things, and full audit trails can see exactly what was accessed, when and where. As data is stored in the cloud, security from ransomware is provided by information not being compromised.

Ease of use

Using archival storage may seem daunting to businesses who have not previously done so, but the process of switchover and implementation is remarkably easy.

Papercloud maintains the look and flexibility of paper, is accessed via the internet and requires no equipment to be installed or ongoing maintenance. Updates are undertaken automatically, and are something that users do not have to worry about.

Any existing file structures can be implemented, and working practices remain largely unaffected. Documents can be maintained in whatever format they may exist, and a printing facility means that users can print directly into Papercloud, and hence their document archive. The transition is swift and effortless, meaning that no major changes or re-training of staff need to occur.

As Papercloud works on many platforms, access can be undertaken on a variety of devices, again meaning that accessing archives of documentation is easy and can be done anywhere.

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