Finding the right Document Management System (DMS) for an organisation can take some careful thought and consideration. Switching from paper records to storing data in a new manner can seem daunting, yet the process can be simple and easy, with two different options available from Watermark Technologies.

What does Volume do?

Volume is an office-based Document Management System that gives its users control over the many elements involved in data storage and its maintenance. As it is installed and hosted within the working environment of whoever is using it, it means that decisions as to its storage are entirely up to the individual.

Its features include full Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and text searches, meaning searches of any documents can be made quickly and easily, an element of Document Management Systems that is really brought to the fore by the new GDPR regulations, and their requirement that data be found and erased entirely.

Documents can also be fully monitored and tracked, with versioning control making it possible to see who has edited and accessed what, and when they have done so. Restrictions can be placed as to who is able to view certain documents and information.

Installation of Volume is rendered easy via full integration with Microsoft Office. Emails can be saved and filed, documents in Word and Excel captured and stored automatically, with remote access possible via a web portal, as well as read-only USB copies.

A big bonus of Volume is the fact it can be used to store unlimited amounts of data, meaning that significant space savings can be made, and things that may previously have been confined to storage areas which may have taken time and effort to retrieve items from, can now be obtained instantly.

What does Papercloud do?

Papercloud is a cloud-based Document Management System, meaning that all access comes via the cloud. This also removes the need for installation and maintenance, and means that any updates required are done so automatically, as well as giving the opportunity for users to be able to access it anywhere they may be.

It maintains the look and flexibility of working with paper, which gives virtual printing and scanning options that allow users to print directly into Papercloud.

Microsoft Office and Excel integration is in place, in a similar manner to Volume, with the ability to import data directly into it.

Version control and OCR are both used too, giving the same boost in terms of making GDPR compliance on data as easy as possible.

Papercloud features many security measures, which include backups and updates that are live and automatic, and multi-layered data encryption. Individual user logins are available, which ensure that audit trails are available, and that access can be given at an appropriate level.

How do Volume and Papercloud differ?

The major difference between Volume and Papercloud as a DMS are of course in the way they store data. While Papercloud is cloud-based, Volume is an option for those who prefer to use their own server and keep things locally-based.

There are many reasons as to why an organisation would prefer each, but the biggest question perhaps comes in how much customisation is required.

Volume offers more control as to how things are run, especially in terms of how security aspects are implemented, which may be appealing.

Papercloud allows for more configuration, however, so is attractive in this aspect. Because Papercloud is not hosted by the server of the user, should there be any sort of issue, no single point of failure is encountered, and things can proceed. It is also possible to simply reset it, and then reconnect it to the user’s data, should any ransomware attack occur.

Volume may be easier to adapt to, however, by users; the on-site storage of data is what they are accustomed to, and may find easiest.

Despite this though, Papercloud has many options to make the transition easy, and the unique paper-like look it uses certainly helps with this.

Cost may also be a factor. Different pricing structures are available for both Volume and Papercloud, and is something that can be discussed with Watermark Technologies.

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