Failed to Connect to the Database

KB022 – For Firebird installations failing to connect to the database

Firebird reports ‘Failed to connect to the database. Machine actively refused.’

This document is only applicable to installations that use the Firebird database software.

Volume is reporting “Failed to Connect the Database. Machine actively refused.” can be caused one of the following issues:


Check the Firebird service is running on the server.


Check the Firebird Server Control settings look like this example.

The Stop button may be disabled on later versions of the Windows Server. In this case use the service (services.msc) in Windows to check its status.


Check the Start group is set to ‘Automatically’.


Check the internal firewall on the server is open for the Firebird service on port 3050.


Check the hosts file and make sure if the server is listed it is pointing to the correct IP address.


A reboot of the server may be required.

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