Email Reply Stacking

KB018 – Enable version control and stacking on emails

This option is only available if Microsoft Office Integration is enabled. Contact for further information if you do not have Office Integration turned on.

Email reply stacking is available in Volume from version It is optional and switched off by default.

Replies to existing emails held in Volume are stacked on top of each other. The original email must have been stored in Volume when this option was already switched on.


To switch on this option, in the File menu, open System Setup. In the Global Settings group tick ‘Enable email version control’. Volume will need to be restarted for the changes to take effect.


New email chains will now only create one page inside a document box.

The Outlook toolbar may look different depending on what version of MS Office is installed. Later versions will have a ribbon component.

In Outlook either using Store or Store & Keep the email is stored in Volume in the normal way. When a reply to the original email is stored a new version is created in the document’s page.

In this example the email has had one reply. The email version details are shown at the bottom. ‘v2’ refers to the fact that this is the second email in the chain. Note that if the latest email was stored 5 days after the previous versions creation date and the page position was greater than 4 pages the email will automatically jump to the left most position within the document.


Right click on the page to open its Version History.


All historic versions of the email chain are listed here.

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