Download Files to View Outside the Office (Extract)

A copy of electronic files, held in Volume, can be taken away from the office in two formats. The first is as a mini database where Volume is required to have been previously installed or as volumeAnywhere where all the software required to view the files is included.

* See Papercloud as an alternative to this process.

Access to Extract Data may be restricted in User Maintenance for none superusers.


Select the files you wish to include in the extraction process. A list of clients can be built up to includes as many clients files as required:


Click “Next”


Now pick the destination, username and password, a date for the data to expire (if required) and the desired extract type:

  1. “VolumeAnywhere” – Picking this option produces a Firebird database and associated application files to allow users to view data on the go. The resulting output can be run locally, copied to a USB stick or burnt to optical disks
  2. “Database Only” – Picking this option produces a Firebird database only


Click “Finish” to start the export process, once completed a message is displayed to advise the export is completed:

There are no external files to the database created on the destination medium, such as, TIFF, JPEG, Word, etc. All data is held inside the mini database.

The extraction process may not work in certain types of remote desktop environments such as Citrix or Terminal Services. In this situation it is recommended the extract is performed directly on the data server where the Volume database is held.

volumeAnywhere is read-only and available to a single user and cannot be run over a network.

volumeAnywhere is a snapshot of data. It cannot be synchronised with the live Volume database. It does not install anything or leave any temporary files on the recipient’s machine.

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