Citrix Xen Desktop TWAIN Redirection

KB009 – Guide to using USB Scanners in Citrix

USB Scanners in Citrix.


Minimum Citrix Xen Desktop version requirement is v5.5.

Minimum Citrix Receiver is v3.0 as their Citrix online plugin.

Enable the HDX user policy ‘Client TWAIN Device


Having USB redirection also switched on will cause a conflict for Xen Desktop when it tries to use the scanner device from both policies. In this case either disable ‘USB device redirection’ or deny the redirection of only the scanner via USB by updating the ‘Client USB device redirection rules’ HDX policy:


For example, to redirect a scanner with Vendor ID (VID) of 1234 and Product ID (PID) of 9876, add the following rule within the DDC HDX policy.


The VID and PID of a device can be obtained from Device Manager, under the Details tab of the device Properties.

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