Backup Data Manually

KB005 Guide to backup data manually when using Firebird database software

This document is only applicable to installations that use the Firebird database software.

Backups should normally be automated where a Windows’ scheduled task takes a snapshot of the database every night. It is the snapshot that is then copied to the external media such as a tape drive. Refer to the Knowledge Base document ‘Reinstall Volume to a Server’ for further details on how to configure a server installation of Volume.

Sometimes a manual backup is required where a copy of the database is taken to an externally USB connected hard disk drive or memory pen.

It is very important that the database is not backed up directly while the Firebird service is running. Doing so on a live database will corrupt the copy and potentially the database as well.


On the server open volumeAdmin.exe:

c:\program files (x86)\watermarktech\volumefinance\volumeAdmin.exe


Click the Backup button, select the location of where to make the backup to and then select the database file.

The database is usually called whatnopaper.fdb. Consult the individual or organisation responsible for IT support if in any doubt of file locations.

If the database is held on a virtual machine tick the option to ‘Disable Direct Disk Access’ to speed up the backup process.


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